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Hats & Headcovers
  Stylish Hats & Headcovers for All Ages!
  The hats below provide just a sample of the many hats available from The Wig Lady, and they may not be purchased from the website. If you are interested in purchasing a hat, please contact Fay by email or phone with any questions and to schedule an appointment for a private consultation.
Pennsylvania Visor

Draped visor cap provides great coverage for garden, sports or casualwear with style. Gathers and ties in the back for easy adjustment. 100% Cotton. One-size-fits-all.
Classic Denim Topper

A favorite casual hat with a short brim and medium profile that looks great with jeans. 100% Cotton.
Snuggle Cap

This warm cuddly fleece cap protects the head tenderly while you sleep snugly. 100% Poly Fleece. One-Size-Fits-All.
Day or Night Fleece Cap

Versatile, yet elegant. Can be worn with gather in front or back for 2 different looks. Keeps head warm during chilly seasons. 100% Poly Fleece. One-size-fits-all.
3-Seam Terry Turban

This classic terry cloth turban is a must-have for any time of year. Sizes: Small & Regular. Cotton Blend.
Soft Fitted Wig Cap

100% Combed Cotton fitted cap is worn under a wig to protect the scalp. One-size-fits-all. Colors as shown: (A) Tan (B) Dark Brown
3-Seam Turban

The classic interlock turban designed to blend style, comfort and versatility. Cotton Blend. One-size-fits-all. Synthetic bangs not included.